5 Simple Tips to Save Money on Your Gas Bill This Winter

warmhome 5 Simple Tips to Save Money on Your Gas Bill This WinterAs the cold is setting in, our first instinct is to turn the heating on and warm up our homes. However, we all know that keeping our homes consistently warm throughout the whole of winter is a very expensive task. So how can we stay warm this winter whilst still keeping our gas bills low? Here are a few tips that can help you and your family to stay warm without spending a fortune. 

Hot Water Bottles 

I don’t think that many people can get a good night sleep when it is freezing cold, and as a mum, I am always more concerned about keeping my kids warm during the night than myself.

So this year we have got the boys a new hot water bottle each. I know that hot water bottles have been around since we were kids, but they really are great. To know that we can keep the heating off all night and the boys will still be toasty and warm is fantastic. There are also some really lovely hot water bottle covers for kids. Our boys have got a cute little fox to cuddle each night, but they can vary from soft and colourful fabrics, to novel teddy style covers. So whatever it is that your children like, I am sure that there will be a cover out there to make every child happy.

Cosy Blankets 

This might seem a bit obvious, but investing in a super warm and cosy blanket really can save you money.

I have a huge faux fur blanket that I picked up from Skipton a couple of years ago. My husband laughed at the idea of me sitting under a blanket every night like an old lady, but he soon got used to it. I can’t stand feeling cold, so to try and relax on an evening during winter means that I either need the heating on or my blanket, and I know which one my husband prefers. icon smile 5 Simple Tips to Save Money on Your Gas Bill This Winter

My blanket is by far the warmest thing that I own, which really surprises me because it was a real bargain at only £10! So you don’t need to spend £60+ on a blanket, reasoning that the more expensive the blanket, the warmer it will be. You really can grab a bargain and save money on your heating at the same time. Like I said before, I picked mine up from the market in Skipton, but you can get one for a similar price on Amazon too.

Select the Rooms You Want to Heat

If you do decide to put the heating on at some point during the day and you and your family are using just one or two rooms in the house at that point, then why not turn the radiators off in the rooms that aren’t being used? It is a really easy but effective way to keep the cost of your heating down. Simply because the heat that is being blasted into your vacant rooms is just wasting your valuable money.

This doesn’t mean that the other rooms in your home have to feel like the Antarctic all winter though. Say for instance that you want to warm up your children’s bedroom before they go to bed, so why not turn just that radiator on for about 20 minutes for bedtime. This way their room is comfortable for them as they go to bed, but you don’t have to have the heating on throughout the whole of the house if you don’t want to. You can pick and choose which rooms you want to heat and when, without wasting any money.

Of course, if you find that certain radiators are struggling to heat up an individual room, then you may need to check that you have the right size radiator installed. You can check this by using a BTU calculator like the one on this website.

Layer Up

I am sure that most of us remember being told by our parents to ‘go and put a jumper on’ if we complained about being cold. Now this is when I really do feel like my mother, because I say the exact same thing to my kids. We know that it is just common sense that we will save money if we layer up our clothes instead of putting the heating on when we feel cold, but sometimes we can do with just a little reminder of this from time to time. I think that it is the transition of coming from the warm seasons of spring and summer (and our unusually warm autumn) that makes us feel that we shouldn’t need to layer up in our homes. We can sometimes think that that is just something we do when we go outside. Now, I’m not saying that we should all sit around the house with our hat, scarves, gloves and ear muffs on, but surely adding just an extra jumper and pair of socks will be enough to stop us from putting the heating on the minute we step into the house.

Keep the Heat in 

Finally, why not try your best to trap the heat that you have inside your homes? You can do this by simply:

  • Closing the doors on the rooms that you are using - This is simply because any heat that you are putting into the room that you are in will filter out into the rest of the house. So, if you have been savvy and turned the radiators off in the rooms that you are not currently using, yet you leave the door open on your warm room, you’re simply not going to feel as much of the heat as you would like.
  • Close the curtains - During winter it is dark from around 17:00, so why not close your curtains as soon as possible to stop the lovely heat from disappearing near the windows.
  • Invest in some draught excluders - By putting draught excluders along the bottom of the doors in your house, you really are trapping the heat in and keeping the cold out. You can get some really lovely ones to go with any décor that you have, so they can be a really lovely asset to your room as well.

So there we have it, 5 simple tips to help you stay warm this winter without spending a fortune on heating!

What tricks do you have to help you stay warm in your home and save money? 

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