Are Yankee Candles Worth the Money?

yankeecandle 300x174 Are Yankee Candles Worth the Money?We all love the smell of scented candles, don’t we? It certainly seems that most of us do, as the UK is currently the biggest market for scented candles in Europe. We have a variety of candles (and prices) to choose from, such as cheap and cheerful scented candles for less than £1, right up to luxury candles that can cost well into the hundreds!

One of the most well known candle brands that doesn’t cost the same price as a designer handbag is Yankee Candles. While they may be cheaper than some of the most luxurious candles out there – with Yankee Candles on Amazon ranging from around £6.30 for a small jar up to around £15.00 for a large jar – they still can’t be classed (in my eyes at least) as a budget candle. But are Yankee Candles worth the money or are budget candles just as good? If you’ve asked yourself this question then here’s my brief Yankee Candle review to help you make up your mind.

My cheap Yankee Candle find!

I am a huge candle lover, I absolutely love cosy nights in with every candle in the house burning. However, I have always felt that the cost of a Yankee Candle was too much, so I usually buy my candles from places like Sainsbury’s instead, and even then I like to wait until they are on sale. Then, one day, I saw that the range of Yankee candles that Sainsbury’s had in were on sale for £6.00 instead of £15.00 for a medium sized jar! I had never seen them this cheap before so I decided to give them a whirl. My youngest son Malachi helped me to decide on the scent we should get and he picked the Vanilla Frosting, which worked out well because that was my favourite too. Phew!!

What was the difference?

I was eager to see if there was a difference between how the Yankee Candle smelt in comparison to Sainsbury’s own brand of scented candles, and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. The lovely smell of the candle totally filled the room, it was a much stronger smell than my usual candles, but not too strong so that it was overpowering. I was actually so impressed that the next day I went back to buy another one while they were still on sale.

Would I buy a Yankee Candle again?

Would I buy a Yankee Candle again? Yes I definitely would, but I’m not convinced that I would pay full price for one. I love a bargain and knowing that I can pick them up at a good price makes me even more determined to not pay the full price! I might just have to learn to be a bit patient.

Would I buy my budget candles again?

Unfortunately, candles don’t last forever. What will I do when my Yankee Candles run out? Well, I have still got some of my budget candles around the house that I’ll use and after this I think I will continue to buy the cheaper candles in between picking up my bargain Yankee Candles.

It is funny, though, because up until using my first ever Yankee Candle I was completely satisfied with the cheaper candles that I was buying. Now, however, I know that the Yankee Candle is definitely a better quality scented candle, so I will always be on the lookout for a Yankee Candle bargain in future!

Are Yankee Candles worth the money?

I suppose that the answer to the question ‘Are Yankee Candles worth the money?’ completely depends on how much money you are happy to spend on candles. If you’re a bargain lover like me, then £15 for a candle does seem a bit steep. If that doesn’t sound too bad, however, especially when you look at the prices of some of the other candles out there, then maybe they will be totally worth the money to you.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my mini Yankee candle review. My only tip is to make sure that you really like the smell of the candle, as taking it back to the shop just because you’ve changed your mind when you’ve already used the candle just won’t work. So, don’t waste any money if you’re not sure about the smell, always play it safe!

What do you think about Yankee Candles? Are they worth the money? And do you have any tips on where and when you can buy bargain Yankee Candles?

Are Yankee Candles Worth the Money  Are Yankee Candles Worth the Money?

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