Do Children’s Reward Charts Work?

kids rewards chart Do Children’s Reward Charts Work?I think that every parent and child out there can benefit from using a reward chart. Some children might have a few behavioural issues that their parents would like to iron out while other children might just benefit from the lessons that they learn from having goals and achieving them. [Read more…]

The Dreaded Chicken Pox has Arrived

child sick at home The Dreaded Chicken Pox has ArrivedIsaac my 5 year old has been dodging chicken pox since he started school last September. It seems to come and go in waves but when I learned that his best friend was off school with it, I just knew it was going to be his turn soon.

In all honesty I’m quite glad that we’re going to get it over and done with. I’m a bit of a control freak and not knowing when it was going to happen was frustrating to say the least. [Read more…]

Feeding Time at the Zoo

rabbit royale e1404989371666 Feeding Time at the ZooI’m sure I’m not wrong in thinking that one of the biggest dilemmas us mothers and pet owners have comes to light at feeding time…”how can I balance my budget but still feed my family well?”

In this post I’m going to talk about the small and furry members of our family, the rabbits. [Read more…]

Introducing the Bunnies

two bunnies in hutch Introducing the BunniesSo in our last post you read a little bit about me, my family and what I want this blog to be about. Now I think it’s time you met the bunnies! icon smile Introducing the Bunnies

I found our rabbits on the internet after finally deciding that it was a good time to get a couple of pets for our children. It was lovely to find a very local home with a litter just waiting for owners. I had the dreadful job of picking out only 2 of 6 gorgeous little fluff balls but once I had made up my mind I then also had the great task of keeping it a secret from our boys as they were a surprise and the rabbits wouldn’t be ready to come home for another 4 weeks!

Their mother is an English Lop and their father is a Giant. I’ve never seen the father so I don’t know exactly how big he is but it is definitely going to be interesting to see what size the girls grow to over the next year. [Read more…]