Tips to help your kids to decorate their bedroom

 Tips to help your kids to decorate their bedroomWhether you’re moving into a new property or you just want to give your home a lick of paint, renovations can be exciting, allowing you to transform your home into whatever you want it to be. Below, we’ve put together some top tips for helping your kids decorate their bedrooms. [Read more…]

How to Create a Feeling of Space in a Cosy Family Home

needing more space How to Create a Feeling of Space in a Cosy Family HomeHaving a family can be both amazing and stressful in so many different ways, and one big potential stress is the demands it places on our home. Homes come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but making your home work for your family can feel like an impossible task at times. One of the most common problems that families struggle with is not having enough space. So, what can we do if we are tight on space and either aren’t in a position to move to a bigger property or the thought of packing up and moving just fills you with dread? Well, here are a few tips to help you create a feeling of space in a small but cosy family home.

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The Joy of an Unexpected Bargain!

excitedwoman The Joy of an Unexpected Bargain!We all love a bargain, whether it is something we have found in the sale, something from a second hand shop or something that we have won at an amazing price on eBay, there is a real thrill in getting the things that we want at the prices that we love! But what about the odd time when we are willing to pay quite a bit for something that we really want and end up getting a bargain anyway. This is what happened to me recently and it made me so over the moon that I thought that I just had to share it with you. icon smile The Joy of an Unexpected Bargain!  [Read more…]

How Much Would You Spend on a Roll of Wallpaper?

wallpaper How Much Would You Spend on a Roll of Wallpaper?I think that it is fair to say that from time to time we all like to have our little indulgences, especially when it comes to decorating our homes. This is completely understandable, because our home is where we get to truly express who we are and surround ourselves with the things that we like. How much we choose to spend doing this however is as much a personal choice as the decorating itself. [Read more…]

Should I Learn to Sew?

Thread2 Should I Learn to Sew?When I was young, most people used to feel embarrassed about wearing or using something that had been made by their Mum or their Grandma. The floral cotton dresses, or the frilly bedspreads were something to dread!

Now though, there seems to have been a great increase in the popularity of home-made things. More and more people are proud of wearing something that they have made themselves, and even making something as a gift for their family and friends. But is it really worth learning to sew yourself? Or is this just a phase that will soon pass?  [Read more…]