Vax S5 Steam Cleaner Review

vaxs5 Vax S5 Steam Cleaner ReviewA few months ago I wrote a post telling you all about the steam cleaner dilemma that I was having. Should I get one? If I do get one, which steam cleaner is best for me? How much should I pay for a steam cleaner? With so many questions needing answering I knew that the only option I had was to go ahead and buy one. [Read more…]

Are Mattress Protectors Worth It?

bed wetting Are Mattress Protectors Worth It?When you are trying to raise children on a budget there are some things that are classed as necessities and others that are luxuries. So what about mattress protectors? Is a mattress protector a necessity and most importantly are mattress protectors worth the money?  In my opinion the answer would be a definite yes to both questions, here’s why. [Read more…]