How much do you usually spend on a bottle of wine?

 How much do you usually spend on a bottle of wine?I know this might sound a bit boring, but I have to confess that – although I do like the occasional glass of wine – I’m not really that big a drinker. This means that when I do tend to buy a bottle of wine, I don’t really buy the cheapest bottle on offer, as I kind of feel like I deserve to enjoy a good bottle on the times when I do buy one. [Read more…]

How Much Should You Spend On A Special Dress?

How Much Would You Spend On A Special Dress  e1487976017694 How Much Should You Spend On A Special Dress?I don’t think that many people would argue with the fact that sometimes it’s nice to put away the ironing or the Play-doh, put a special dress on and go somewhere fancy. However, even though this is something that most women love to do (even if it is just once or twice a year!), would the thought of rummaging through your boring old wardrobe fill you with dread? And then there’s the prospect of buying a new dress, does it all seem like too much stress and expense to bother with?

If you feel this way then perhaps you should ask yourself the question, how much do I really have to spend to buy that special dress? Do I really need to blow the family’s budget just to get that designer dress that I really want? Or, can a compromise be found, so that I can still feel special whilst sticking to some kind of budget? [Read more…]