Don’t Waste Time Waiting For Spring

wellies Don’t Waste Time Waiting For SpringWell, I don’t know about you, but here in Lancashire our “welcome to spring snow blizzard” wasn’t exactly what I had been hoping for. So, seen as though we are going to have to wait a little bit longer than usual to enjoy our beautiful season, here are a few ideas of how to make the most of our prolonged winter for you and the kids. 

Wellie Walks

Even though the weather may still be a bit iffy, our days have still become that bit lighter for longer. So, what me and my boys have been doing to make the most of our day is to make a quick shoe change after school into our wellies and head off to the park. Living in Lancashire you definitely have to learn to embrace the rain, so splashing in puddles and getting covered in mud is up at the top of my boys favourite things to do.

Grab Some Bargains 

Even though it is still pretty much freezing outside, all of the shops are stocking up on their spring season wear, which means that all of the cosy winter warming clothes and accessories are on sale! I love grabbing a bargain at this time of year because you still get to enjoy wearing your new purchases for a little while, but they also feel pretty much new when the next winter comes around too. Perfect!

Look after yourself 

Winter can bring some pretty nasty bugs into your home, especially if you have children at school. With this in mind, why not make a special effort to look after yourself and your family, aim to get your family’s health back on track so that when the wonderful weather does arrive, you can head straight out the door and make the most of it. Simple things like homemade soup, warm honey and lemon drinks and plenty of rest can be a great boost to your families well being if you have been a bit under the weather!

Enjoy a reason to rest 

Being a Mum means that we fully understand how tiring it is to keep up with our kids. It is crazy the amount of energy they have, something I don’t think you can fully understand until you have your own! So, after a day out exploring our muddy countryside I like nothing better than getting cosy on the sofa as a family and resting. I love watching films with my children, (probably because I am still a big kid at heart) but knowing that they have been out in the fresh air and burnt up (almost) all of their energy brings me great satisfaction. So I think that we should really try to enjoy resting with our kids, just slow down a bit and enjoy these special memories. Obviously this can be done at any time through out the year, but there’s just something about braving the weather and then feeling the warmth of your home that puts a smile on your face. icon smile Don’t Waste Time Waiting For Spring

What do you enjoy doing when winter is coming to an end? 

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