Enjoying Autumn Without Spending a Fortune

childreninleaves e1446728888977 Enjoying Autumn Without Spending a FortuneWell autumn has arrived. The dark nights are here, the leaves are continuously falling to the ground and everybody has dug out their hats and scarves. Personally, I love autumn. I think that it is the most beautiful season of all, with it’s dramatic colours and crisp, clear days. But how can we make the most of this wonderful season with the kids without spending a fortune? 

The reason I ask this question is because along with the falling of the leaves, there can also be quite a bit of rainfall. So do we have to fork out for play centres, cinemas and trips to the bowling alley to enjoy this season? I don’t think that we do, so here are some ideas that I think are great fun for all the family and also great for the bank balance.

Autumn treasure hunt 

Make the most of the beautiful crisp days by grabbing your coats, walking boots and rucksacks (for carrying your treasures home) and head out into the countryside.

My two boys love going on treasure hunts, they feel like real little explorers hunting around in the countryside for anything that they think is special.

These special treasures vary from vibrant coloured leaves, leaves that are all different shapes and sizes. acorns, conkers, pine cones, twigs, stones, flowers and anything else that they come across.

To make it really special, why not take a picnic along too. You don’t need to spend a lot on a big fancy picnic, just some sandwiches, fruit and snacks and your all important flask of coffee. icon smile Enjoying Autumn Without Spending a Fortune

Autumn crafts 

Once you have brought all of your autumn treasures home you can decide what to do with them. Personally, I would leave the craft activities for the next day, this way you can fill up a few days with fun things to do rather than pack them all into one day, which will then mean that you could have the kids whining that they are bored the very next day!

So what kind of crafts can you do with a bag full of leaves, sticks and pine cones? Here are a few ideas.

Leafy art

You can make all sorts out of leaves. You can create cute hedgehog and squirrel pictures using the leaves as their spikes and fur, or you could paint bare trees and stick actual leaves on it to create a wonderful autumn picture. We can’t forget about the good old leaf rubbing art, using just a piece of paper and some crayons.

leafhedgehog Enjoying Autumn Without Spending a Fortune

Sticks and little bits 

I don’t know about you, but in my home sticks seem to get used as weapons if they aren’t quickly made into something else. So why not try making a crafty little mobile to hang in their bedroom, using your sticks, conkers, pine cones and anything else you fancy hanging from it? I have even seen on Pinterest that people add apples and nuts to make it into a bird feeder for the garden.

leafmobile Enjoying Autumn Without Spending a Fortune

Cute creatures

If you manage to find a few pine cones on your treasure hunt. Then why not make them into your own woodland creatures? All you need is some pva glue, googly eyes and some imagination and you’re all set.

pineconebird Enjoying Autumn Without Spending a Fortune

So these are a few ideas that I think the whole family will enjoy. Plus they are as cheap as chips. Don’t forget that during autumn the kids get a half term break, so why not plan to fill it with these fun autumn activities that won’t break the bank?

What crafty things do you like to make with autumn treasures? 

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