Feeding Time at the Zoo

rabbit royale e1404989371666 Feeding Time at the ZooI’m sure I’m not wrong in thinking that one of the biggest dilemmas us mothers and pet owners have comes to light at feeding time…”how can I balance my budget but still feed my family well?”

In this post I’m going to talk about the small and furry members of our family, the rabbits.

When we brought the rabbits home the lady we got them from kindly gave us a few days’ worth of the food that she had been feeding them on. It was a lovely mix of pellets, cereals, forage and added herds and vegetables. It looked and smelt like a very healthy and appetizing meal for the bunnies, so I was happy to carry on feeding them on Rabbit Royale once this batch had ran out. However when it came to stocking up on some more from my local pet shop I was really disappointed to find out that they didn’t stock that make of food but could order it in for me. Now usually that would have been absolutely fine but as I hadn’t been prepared for them not stocking my food of choice I had let the rabbits food run very low so there wasn’t enough to last them till my order of Rabbit Royale was in stock, argh! So my only option was to pick a different make of rabbit food from the pet shop and begin the process of gradually changing their food icon sad Feeding Time at the Zoo

Now in all honesty I was quite shocked with the prices of the rabbit food and there was such a wide range to choose from that I didn’t know where to begin! So I did the most rational and mature thing that I could think of and went for the one which reminded me the most of Rabbit Royale which was Russel Rabbit, hmmm.

Russel rabbit was a mix of pellets, cereal, carrots and leeks, it looked healthy enough to me and I thought that at £1.35 per kg it wasn’t too bad either. The bunnies thought differently though, unlike Rabbit Royale which was completely gone in a matter of minutes, they always left the pellets from Russel Rabbit which I was later informed by the pet shop owner is the most important part of their meal, oh dear!

The other problem I found was that I felt like I was living at the pet shop, constantly topping up their food, 1 kg doesn’t last very long, only around a week. So the not so bad £1.35 started to feel like not such a good deal after all. So I then decided to order a 15kg bag of Rabbit Royale – which cost £12.65 – in more than enough time to start the process of swapping their food back. At only 83p per kg I felt that this food was a lot better in quality and it also cost roughly half as much as Russel Rabbit. There just didn’t seem to be much point in keeping them on the other food if they were leaving the most vital part of the meal, it’s a shame you can’t reason and explain to your rabbit like you can with your children why they need to eat all of their tea.

Me and the kids were so excited on the day of our delivery (sad I know) but we just couldn’t wait to finally have the best food we can think of for the bunnies and actually be stocked up for a long, long, long time. The boys were very intrigued to see how big the sack would be as well, it’s the little things in life lol. We have been using the food for the past 5 weeks and we’re not even half way through icon smile Feeding Time at the Zoo

I really feel that it has been worth going to the effort of ordering the rabbits preferred food, to know that I am giving them a better quality of food, and at only 83p per kg  it definitely makes sense to me.

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