Fun Ways to Make Extra Cash

home massage business e1499454049723 Fun Ways to Make Extra CashSometimes we just need a bit of extra cash to help pay the bills, get out of debt, or to save up for an upcoming holiday. Taking on a second job could help, but if the job market is too tight it could take you longer than you desire to obtain that second job. Some folks don’t even land the second job! It’s a lot easier to take a look around and see how you can make that extra cash in your spare time at home.

Massage the Blues Away

If you have massage skills then running a small massage business is a straightforward way to make some extra cash. All you need is a massage table and other spa equipment to make it happen. Also helpful is a can-do attitude to earn what you need and provide a much-needed service. Massage will always be needed, it’s a treatment lots of people simply can’t live without! Do be sure to get the proper licensing so that you can run your business without any hassle.

Sell Your Hobby

Everyone has that one hobby that they adore and work with a lot. It could be knitting, crocheting, painting, or woodworking. People love handmade art and goods. So, if you have lots of items sitting around, why not sell it on the side? As long as you markup the price to cover your cost of supplies and your time, selling your hobby is a fantastic way to find some extra cash. It doesn’t even require any extra time. Consider doing custom work as well, so that people can really feel like they have an original piece of art made exclusively by you.

Declutter and Sell It

If you have a ton of stuff in your home that you really don’t use, it’s time to have a serious talk with yourself. There is probably quite a bit you could sell online on eBay and make some extra cash. Remember, what is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You may not be using it but someone else will! If you don’t want to pay eBay’s seller’s fees, try looking for free marketplaces. Facebook is a fantastic way to either sell on your wall or join groups for your area where you can sell your items. Maximize your money by saving on those fees!

Take on a Lodger

If you have a spare room, or a second home, finding folks to rent your space is easy! Websites like Airbnb and SpareRoom are wonderful ways to offer your room/home to someone who is on holiday or just needs a short term stay in your area. The most you will have to pay for this investment is a fee to the website for every lodger you find!

Fix It Up

If you are knowledgeable in fixing appliances, pipes, or can even paint a room decently, taking on some odd jobs in your neighbourhood is a simple way to make some extra cash. Your neighbours will need some painting help, someone to mow, an affordable plumber, and someone who can hang shelves. You have the skills, so why not charge them a fee for your time?

There are so many ways to increase your household income, it just takes a little ingenuity to do it on your terms and enjoy it. Before you know it, you will meet those financial goals and feel better!


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    Neat ideas! I haven’t heard of massages as a side hustle before, so that’s interesting. Do you need to be certified to do massage therapy on the side? I used to make art and sell it on Etsy. It didn’t make me rich, but I was making cute stuff anyway, so why not declutter my home while making cash?
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