How Can You Make the Most of the ClassDojo App?

classdojo How Can You Make the Most of the ClassDojo App?Is your children’s school amongst the many that have taken on the new ClassDojo app? If so, you may be wondering what is it all about? With this is mind I have decided to try and help by writing about the main functions and aims of the app so that you can feel confident that both you and your child are using the app to the best of its ability.

What is the ClassDojo app?

The ClassDojo app is an app that teachers can use to encourage and motivate their pupils. Us parents can also be involved in our children’s reward scheme by downloading the app onto our own smartphone, tablet or iPad and keeping up to date on our children’s progress at school.

How does the ClassDojo app work? 

The ClassDojo app works by the teacher giving each child a unique monster character. Each child also has an individual code which us parents are given so that we can see our children’s monsters on our own app. So, if like me you have children in different classes at school, all you need is their individual codes from their teachers and then you can monitor how both of them are getting on. icon smile How Can You Make the Most of the ClassDojo App?

The ClassDojo app is -as you can tell – a points reward scheme that encourages and motivates children. The points- or dojos – can be given for a variety of reasons, some that my school use are: Engagement, Reading, Motivation, Thinking and Park Child. Once a dojo point is given to your child you can see it on your own app. So, for instance, checking on my eldest son’s monster right now, I can see that he has been given 5 dojo points so far today, 3 for Engagement, 1 for Park Child and 1 for reading over the weekend.

Does the ClassDojo app work?

Now, you may be wondering why so many schools are bothering to change their reward scheme to the ClassDojo app. I mean they obviously have reward schemes in place at school already, so will this app make any difference? Well, from my own personal experience, I can see how much this motivates my children. I think that the main difference is that they know that I check up on their progress throughout the day and they are eager to make me proud. They also know that they can have negative dojo points given for any kind of behaviour that the teacher feels is negative. Which means that they try extra hard to stay on track and keep their monster 100% positive!

Another feature of the app is that you are able to message the teacher with regards to your children’s behaviour, whether it is positive or negative. Obviously this can also be done from the teacher as well. So, if there is a great moment that they want to share with you, all they have to do is send you a message. icon smile How Can You Make the Most of the ClassDojo App? Or, if there has been a negative dojo given to your child, you are able to message their teacher to find out the details if you would like to.

How to make the most of the ClassDojo app

I think that the only way to make the most of this app is to view it as a great tool to help both you and your child feel positive about their time at school. If you take a real interest in how your child is getting on and talk to them about all of the different dojo points that they have been given, I am sure that this will make them feel very proud and could motivate them even more to please you even while they are at school.

The app is so simple and fun to use that it doesn’t feel at all like a chore to check up on my boys progress. I enjoy seeing what kind of day they are having, and it helps me feel connected to them during school time.

So, as you can probably tell, I think that the ClassDojo app is a great tool to connect both home and school for your children. They are very aware that not much can be hidden with this app and also that we are aware of the great things that they do in school.

I hope that this post has helped in some way to clarify what the ClassDojo app is all about, and also how to make the most of it for both yourself and your children. If, however your school doesn’t currently use the ClassDojo app but you think that it would benefit your child, why not mention it to your school and see what they think. icon smile How Can You Make the Most of the ClassDojo App?

Do you feel that the ClassDojo app has had a positive effect on your children’s time at school? 

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