How to Give Your Children More Outdoor Space on a Budget

child outside How to Give Your Children More Outdoor Space on a BudgetWe all love to have space, whether it is indoors or outdoors, space is something that most of us crave to have more of. But is it possible to increase the outdoor space that we have at home, without having to stretch our budget? Personally, I think that it is possible. So here are a few ideas to help you gain more outdoor space.

Making the most of the space you have

Each and every one of us has a limit on the amount of space that we have at home. Some of us will have more than others, but no matter how much space you have, there always seems to be some sort of battle between the amount that you have and the amount of space that you feel you need. I suppose there is an argument here that it doesn’t matter how much space you have in your property, you always end up needing more. This is because you naturally fill the space available to you and then, you run out!

Now, I understand the reasoning behind this argument. We are a family of four and our house isn’t massive. I would love to have a bit more space, even if it was purely just for storage. But because I don’t have an abundant amount of excess space in my home, it means that I have regular clear outs and I try my best to keep the house organised. If I didn’t do this then our home would feel small and cramped. By staying organised though, we can have a spacious and flowing feel throughout the home. I just have to be disciplined!

Outdoor space

Living in a Victorian terraced house means that we have quite a small area outside of the home to call our own. And as you can imagine, there isn’t that much that you can do to a yard to make it feel bigger, it just is what it is. Obviously we try to make it pretty with flower boxes and a fresh coat of paint each year, but apart from that there isn’t much else that I can do without taking any valuable space away from my children. They just have so much energy, all that they want to do from dawn till dusk is run around, play every sport you could possibly think of (and that they can accommodate in the small area) and race each other. Typical boys!

There are many times when I look out at them playing, and even though they are as happy as Larry out in their yard, I crave more space for them. This is where it gets tricky though, because we all know that moving to a property with a big enough outdoor space to please two boys doesn’t come cheap! So how can you give your children more outdoor space, without going over your property budget?

How you can give your children more outdoor space

There are the obvious options such as taking them to the park and going out into the countryside that will give your children the chance to run around and explore. These are things that we do weekly, just to give them the space that they desire to burn off some of their energy. It has always made me laugh how much they remind me of a pair of dogs, I know that I need to take them on regular walks to keep them happy and they love nothing more than to be let off the lead (so to speak) icon smile How to Give Your Children More Outdoor Space on a Budget

Another option that may be available to you is to rent an allotment. Some people may think that allotments are only good for growing vegetables, but they can just as easily be made into a garden. If you can get a plot that is a good size, then why not turn it into your very own garden? Somewhere that you can go to enjoy a bbq, listen to the birds and let the kids play!

allotment for kids How to Give Your Children More Outdoor Space on a Budget

Just recently we have put our names on the waiting list for a local allotment plot. The size of the plots are a lot bigger than I thought they would be, plus they are all fenced off, which makes them a great area to set up your own garden. To rent an allotment here it costs £100 per year. You might think that this is a bit steep, but when you consider how much your mortgage or rent would increase each month to give your family a bit more space, I think that it is very reasonable. Obviously when you first get your allotment, there will be the added cost of whatever it is that you want to do with the space. Would you want to put a new lawn down? Build a summer house? Or, would you prefer to keep the cost as low as possible and just neaten it up and make it pretty with a few flowers? The great thing is, it is entirely up to you. Whatever you can afford to do to make the space an enjoyable place is your decision. Just make sure that you count the cost and have your budget set before you go out to your local garden centre.

For us, we just want to make the allotment somewhere that we can go and relax and let the boys play till they drop! I obviously want to make it pretty, and the idea of growing my own vegetables is very tempting, but for now our priority is giving the boys a bit of open space that they can call their own. I love the idea of just heading over to the allotment after school with a picnic during the summer and doing their homework in the glorious sunshine. I know that we can do this at the park, but there is something exciting about having your own patch to enjoy as and when you wish, knowing that it will be peaceful and waiting there just for you.

So that’s my idea of how to give my boys more outdoor space while still living within our budget. I hope that it might give others a few ideas of how to overcome a lack of outdoor space too.

Would you consider renting an allotment? Or if you already have one, how do you use your allotment space?


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