How to Grab a Bargain at a Car Boot Sale

Car Boot Sale e1441184643819 How to Grab a Bargain at a Car Boot SaleI don’t think that I’m alone in saying that we are becoming a nation of bargain hunters! We seem to be making full use of sites like eBay, online selling pages for the area that we live in and our local charity shops.

But have we forgotten about the good old car boot sale? Are we still of the mindset that we need to get up early on a Sunday to grab a bargain, or are we too worn out to even contemplate giving up our lazy morning?

Well, today I thought I would tell you about why I want to get stuck into car boot sales again and how to make the most of them.

Which Car Boot Sale to Choose

You might think that this is a bit of a no brainer. Obviously you are going to choose the one that is most convenient to you. Now, this may be the right choice. But you would do well to consider what kind of things will be sold there and for what price? If you know of a car boot sale that goes on in an area not too far away and you think that there is a good chance that the things up for sale there will be of better quality than your closest car boot sale, then why not try out the one further afield, it may mean that you grab a whole car full of bargains!

The reason I say this is because I recently spoke to my friend who lives near Manchester. She was so excited telling me about all of the fab bargains that she’d picked up from a car boot sale, I decided there and then that I will have to go along with her the next time it’s on.

Like me, my friend also has two little kiddies, and they are always dressed beautifully, but a lot of their outfits are second hand. When she goes to her car boot sale she picks up Converse trainers for £1, Next clothes and shoes that are still in the shops for £1 each, nearly brand new toys for just 50p and even a family sized tent with everything included for only £10! Need I say more?

luxury car boot sale How to Grab a Bargain at a Car Boot Sale

My friend has actually been so shocked that people are selling such lovely things that have hardly been worn that she asked one of the stallholders why she was wanting to sell them. The ladies response was that her daughter was just spoilt!

So hopefully you can see now why it might be a good idea to travel to an area where there will be stalls full of nearly new, quality items that are sometimes still in the shops.

What to pay

I’m sure that at some point you will have seen a program on the telly about people trying to make money by buying and selling. A lot of the time they are sent to car boot sales to find the items that they then want to sell on.

The main thing that I have learnt from this is that unlike charity shops (where I would feel quite heartless bartering) the stall holders usually expect you to try and haggle.

So even though the pair of shoes that you are looking at has a price sticker of £5 on them, who says that you can’t get them for £2? icon smile How to Grab a Bargain at a Car Boot Sale

When to go

Deciding on the time that you want to arrive at the car boot sale could be the deciding factor of how many bargains you are going to go home with that day. The saying ‘The early bird catches the worm’ really does hold true here, the earlier you can get there, the more you will enjoy it. You will get a chance of being the first person to spot a real treasure, but you have to act fast.

Getting Up Early How to Grab a Bargain at a Car Boot Sale

So don’t think that you can still have a lazy morning and just head over to the car boot sale when you feel like it. The best things on offer will have long gone. So be determined to get there as soon as you’re able to start looking and I’m sure that you won’t regret it.

Now I know that I have been talking a lot about getting there early, but there is also something to be said for hanging around, or returning to the car boot sale just as everyone is about to pack up. You can haggle your heart out, knowing that most stallholders would rather not have to fill their car up with the items that they haven’t sold.  So this can be a great time to pick up a few last bargains.

Well, as you can probably tell, I am really excited to get stuck into the car boot scene again. I’m itching to grab a bargain!

So what about you? Will you be heading over to a car boot sale anytime soon?


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