How to Shop for Winter on the Cheap

Winter Sale 300x158 How to Shop for Winter on the CheapWinter can be quite an expensive time of year when it comes to kitting you and your family out. The cost of winter coats, boots and layers upon layers of cosy clothes can all add up. When Comparing winter items with your summer wardrobe of t-shirts, shorts and sandals, you can also really see the difference in cost.

So, how can we kit ourselves and our family out for this expensive season without it costing the earth? 

Smart shopping 

I have mentioned this in a previous post, but shopping for clothes at the end of a season is a simple yet brilliant way to keep the costs down.

Over here in Lancashire we are finally enjoying some beautiful sunny days but oddly enough, this also happens to be the time to either head out to the shops or search the internet to look for some winter bargains! This is exactly what I did last week. By having a look at some of my favourite brands websites, I managed to grab a couple of fantastic winter bargains! I was able to replace my much loved 4 year old winter coat (that had definitely seen better days) for a new winter coat from surf wear brand Saltrock, for example, which cost just £25 instead of £70! My winter boots were also looking a little worse for wear, mainly because they were what I lived in all winter. So, when I came across a pair of winter boots to match my new coat from a similar surf brand called Roxy for a mere £35 (with free delivery) instead of £70, well I just couldn’t pass it up.

For me, this did feel like a real shopping spree but when the items would have originally cost me £140 full price, I think that a winter coat and boots for £60 is a bargain worth buying! Shopping this way for items that I genuinely need has saved me a total of £80. icon smile How to Shop for Winter on the Cheap

Don’t give in to temptation 

As with all shopping trips, there is always a danger of buying things that we don’t need, and this is always more tempting in the sales! However, giving in to every single item that seems just too cheap to miss can mean that we spend much more money than we need to on things that are probably going to get left in the back of the wardrobe for the next few years. So don’t give in to temptation, maybe write a list of the things that you need and stick to it!

What about the new fashion trends? 

If you are someone that loves to follow the current fashion trends, you might be thinking that this just isn’t going to work for you. Don’t give in so easily, though. Why not stock up on all of the basics that you know you will need such as jeans and tops. This way you will still have money to spend on the key fashion items because you already have the basic layers taken care of. icon smile How to Shop for Winter on the Cheap

If you’re like me however and you aren’t that fussed about wearing the latest trends, then this really can be a new, smart way of shopping for you and your family. When I buy something, I buy it because I like it, it doesn’t matter to me if it isn’t on trend the following year, if I feel nice in it then that’s all that I’m bothered about. So if that is how you feel too, then shopping smart like this really could save you money.

So why not give it a go, next time the end of season sales are on, write a list of what you think you and your family will need for the following year, work out a budget and go shopping!

Do you stock up on clothes from the sales? If you do, what have been your biggest bargains?

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