How To Shop on the Cheap For Your Awkwardly Sized Man

manshopping How To Shop on the Cheap For Your Awkwardly Sized ManShopping for your man may be as simple and stress free as shopping for your kids, you have full confidence that all of the shops will stock their size and there is always a wide variety of styles and prices to choose from that you can pretty much guarantee finding just what you need within your budget. Now, as good as this may be for the averaged sized man, what about shopping for a man that is bigger than your average? Are there still bargains to be had or does everything have to be extra expensive just because they aren’t common sizes?


Well, as my husband is 6”5, I know from experience that finding clothes to fit aren’t that easy to come by. Usually, it is just the simple fact that clothes aren’t made with the length that he needs, everything we try are usually just too short, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts and trousers all come up short by at least 2 inches. So, to try and solve this problem, we have even tried buying sizes that are a couple of sizes too big, just to see if they will give him the extra length. However, this really doesn’t work, because even if they do have a good length, the clothes are just so big that the fit looks all wrong!

So, if shopping for clothes in the average high street shop wasn’t going to work, what would? Thankfully, we live in a time when men that are bigger or taller than your average sized man are starting to be catered for. For instance, there is a shop that completely looks after the clothing needs for the bigger or taller man, Jacamo (you may have seen their adverts with Freddie Flintoff on T.V). The first time that me and my husband went into one of these shops we were so happy to see stylish, trendy clothes that actually had the length that he needed. The prices were pretty great too. We were going out for a meal that weekend for our friends anniversary and so we were hoping to find a smart, casual outfit for the occasion. It was probably the easiest shopping trip we had been on for a long time! We bought two pairs of jeans for just £35 and they had a great range of men’s shirts to choose from too, so needless to say, we were sorted.


Now being tall does sometimes have it’s perks when it comes to shopping, believe it or not. As my husband is 6”5 it comes as no surprise that he has pretty big feet, his shoe size is a 12 which is usually the biggest that most shops stock. However, the great thing about having an odd shoe size is that when the sales are on, the odd shoe sizes are usually the only ones left.

We took full advantage of this when my husband needed a new pair of smart shoes to go with his suit. It was near the end of the summer sale period and so we headed over to our local Next store to see what they had, and what did we find, but a sale table full of size 12 men’s shoes. He ended up buying a pair for just £12 instead of £50. This happened again just the other week when he needed a pair of sandals for a fancy dress party, he ended up buying a pair of brown leather sandals (that he’ll be able to wear in the summer too) for just £7 in Matalan when it was just the last few items of the sale stock left.

So, even though your local supermarket and maybe most of the shops on the high street may not stock clothes to fit your awkwardly sized man, it is definitely a lot easier nowadays to find affordable but trendy clothes for the bigger or taller man. Gone are the days when there was nothing but Grandad style catalogues to shop from, and the best bit is that there are still bargains to be had!


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