Is the New Samsung AddWash Machine worth the Money?

Samsung AddWash e1463571705601 Is the New Samsung AddWash Machine worth the Money?Living on some sort of a budget is what most of us are used to. There are times, however, when we may be tempted to stretch that budget for the latest gadget that is just too good to ignore. But are these new and improved gadgets really worth the extra money?

The reason I am writing about this is because I recently found myself longing for a new gadget. Now, this is totally not like me, I’m not usually interested in technology at all. This gadget isn’t a new iPad or smart phone, however. Oh no, it is the new Samsung AddWash washing machine which lets you “Add to the wash during the wash”! Some of you might think that this is the most ridiculous thing in the world to get excited about, but when you are doing 2 to 3 loads of washing a day, you really see the potential benefits of this new feature.

Why do I want a Samsung AddWash machine?

So, what exactly is it about this new washing machine that makes me long for it, and how exactly does the new Samsung AddWash washing machine work? Well, as you can probably tell by the slogan for the washing machine “Add to the wash during the wash” this machine lets you add items that you may have missed to a washing cycle that has already started, whether it is one of those slippery socks that is just desperate to be separated from its other half, or your son’s school jumper that he just happened to leave in his school bag over the weekend. You no longer have to feel annoyed that they have missed the wash, you can just open the AddWash door and in it goes. The door isn’t just good for the odd missed item though, you can also use it to add fabric conditioner if you have forgotten to put in or you can even use it to add a hand wash only garment into the cycle when it is on the final rinse and spin.

Samsung Addwash Door Is the New Samsung AddWash Machine worth the Money?

So, as you can tell, I think that this is one of those new inventions that is so simple and useful that I can’t believe it hasn’t been thought of until now! The question now is, how much will a new Samsung AddWash washing machine cost? Well, as with most gadgets, it can vary in price depending on which model you go for. This particular washing machine can cost you anywhere between £500 – £1,300, so they aren’t the cheapest washing machines around.

Is it worth the extra money?

But is it worth blowing your budget over? The washing machine that I currently have cost us about £300 5 years ago and it is still going strong. This is the most that I would feel comfortable spending on a washing machine, firstly because £300 is still a lot of money (even if there are lots of other machines that cost twice as much telling you that they are good value for money), but also because my current machine – made by Indesit – is brilliant. So, all this being said, I don’t feel that buying a cheaper machine hinders the quality of the wash. What you are usually sacrificing by buying a cheaper washing machine is the brand new extra features that make them a bit more exciting to use, because as with most gadgets, they can drop pretty quickly in price when other newer models are released.

However, when the time comes to replace my washing machine I would love to buy a Samsung AddWash machine, but only if they have come down in price to around what I paid for my current machine. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I don’t think that it’s worth the money, because to be honest if budget wasn’t an issue I would definitely be buying one! But I do live on a budget, and personally I don’t feel that the convenience that this washing machine brings is worth blowing my budget by at least £200. No, I would much prefer to grab a bargain and get something that I really want when it has dropped in price. So let’s hope that if my washing machine can last for another 5 years, then the wonderful new Samsung AddWash machine will then be within my budget!

Is there a luxury item that you are considering blowing your budget over?


  1. says

    If you are doing 2-3 washes a day, it hardly matters if you miss an item out – it can go in the next light / darks wash. This sort of thing is more useful if you are only doing a few washes a week.

    But it’s not new. My Bosch machine has the “add a dropped sock” feature and its five years old. It’s neat, but not often used and I wouldn’t pay any more for it.
    Sara @ debtcamel recently posted…What to do if your DMP firm is closingMy Profile

    • Abi says

      Hi Sara,

      That is a great point, I always do more than 1 wash a day so I’ll have to rethink how useful it would be. I also didn’t know that Bosch have had a similar model out for a while. Thanks for letting me know.

      Abi :)

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