Many Brits Worried About Retirement – Infographic

work or Retire Many Brits Worried About Retirement   InfographicAs a stay at home and work from home mum, I have to say that saving enough for retirement is a big and genuine concern for me. While I love the freedom that comes along with being able to work from home it does have its drawbacks, and the lack of a company pension is one of them.

I came across some research today which shows that I’m not alone in worrying about my retirement. According to the infographic from a company called Lending Works – which I’ve included below – it appears that a good part of the population are also worried about having enough money during retirement, with around 22% of the British population now wondering whether they are going to be able to retire at all!

With this in mind, I wanted to share the infographic to highlight the extent of the problem, in the hope that it might cause others to take seriously the need to save for retirement too.

Retirement Inforgaphic Many Brits Worried About Retirement   Infographic

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