Mister Maker Live Show Review

mister maker Mister Maker Live Show ReviewMost parents are pretty clued up about Cbeebies characters, and Mister Maker is a firm favourite in our house. So, when I saw online that the ‘Mister Maker & The Shapes Live!’ tour was coming to town, I was thrilled! Me and my husband decided to buy a family ticket and treat our boys, but was it going to be as good as we had all hoped? 

Well, we had told our boys Isaac and Malachi pretty much straight away about the show, this meant that we had about 3 months of waiting and pestering from the children to contend with. So, by the time it finally came around we were really hoping that it was going to be worth the wait, and to our relief it was!

The show lasted for about an hour and 40 minutes, maybe slightly longer with a brief intermission. We weren’t sure exactly what to expect from the show, there was a mix of things that went on, from minute makes, helpers from the audience and lots of interaction. There was also a lot of singing and dancing and it had a great party atmosphere. To be honest, both me and my husband were surprised at how much we enjoyed the show ourselves.

This was also the first tour where ‘The Shapes’ made an appearance, which made my youngest son Malachi very happy. icon smile Mister Maker Live Show Review Mister Maker also gave the kids some great ideas of things to make at home, which the boys wanted to start as soon as they got back. There were dance moves to learn and songs to sing. It was great seeing the boys up and dancing away, and us parents couldn’t resist a good dance either. The atmosphere from beginning to end was fantastic.

The audience was full of children of different ages ranging from babies up to children around 10 years old, from what I could see anyway, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Personally, I would put this down to the fact that it was a high energy performance with great interaction with the audience. Another good point is that Mister Maker is exactly how you see him on the telly, possibly a little bit funnier, and this really made my boys day. They came away from the theatre saying that it was the most amazing show they had ever seen, so we were really chuffed!

If you think your kids might want a little treat from the show, then take a few extra pennies with you as you are able to buy some Mister Maker goodies too. There were cuddly shape toys, t-shirts, art packs and backpacks to choose from. We decided that we would get something for the boys after the show and we were really pleased to see that some of the products had their prices reduced, so we managed to save a bit of money. This however isn’t guaranteed, so if you’re worried that your child might miss out if you wait until after the show then don’t risk it, the prices are pretty reasonable anyway.

So, as you can tell we really enjoyed our time at the Mister Maker Live Show. It is a memory that we will cherish for a long time and we would recommend it for any families with Mister Maker fans!

If you’d like to see Mister Maker Live then you can buy tickets here.

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