My kid’s shoes are costing more than mine!

kids wearing through shoes My kid’s shoes are costing more than mine!Hi everyone, today I just want to tell you about a little problem that has been bugging me and my husband for months.

My youngest son, Mali who is only 3 years old has been wearing through shoes literally within weeks! I mean how is this physically possible? I think I would understand it more if he was a big boy but he actually has quite a dainty frame (The poor little man takes more after me in his build instead of his 6’5” dad). [Read more…]

Great Storage Ideas for Your Kid’s Bedroom

boys bedroom storage Great Storage Ideas for Your Kid’s Bedroom Is it just me or no matter how much you have, do you ever really have enough storage?

This is especially true in your children’s bedroom. This is because you not only have to think about the amount of storage you will need but also the type of storage. Our children’s bedrooms are probably one of the most important rooms in the house. As parents we want to create a wonderful space for them, a place where they can play and learn, but also (and most importantly) where they can wind down and get a good night sleep. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Save Money on Food

save money food shopping e1412340136646 5 Ways to Save Money on FoodI think that every family out there can appreciate what a huge percentage of our outgoings can be taken up by food. We are a family of four and even though my boys are still very young (aged 5 & 3) they are constantly dwindling away the stock of food I have in the kitchen, I dread to think of what it will be like when they’re growing teenagers!

As much as I would love to tell you all an extremely well hidden secret of how to feed a family of four on next to nothing, I’m afraid that I still haven’t found that one out myself. However wherever there is a cloud there is a silver lining, savvy shopping can really save you money on your weekly food bills. icon smile 5 Ways to Save Money on Food [Read more…]

Save Money by Buying Out of Season

shopping out of season for kids 300x210 Save Money by Buying Out of SeasonWell it’s that time of year again when we have to begrudgingly pack away our shorts and sandals and unpack our woolly jumpers, fur lined boots and cosy coats.

The transition from summer to autumn clothes is thankfully quite simple for me, there is always the odd new thing I like to get to spruce up my wardrobe and make it feel new but apart from some little treats it is a relatively cheap changeover. However the change of season for my kids is another thing all together. [Read more…]

How to Plan a Cheap Kids Party

kids party bench park 300x223 How to Plan a Cheap Kids PartyThrowing a cheap kids party comes with quite a lot of pressure and stress and as a mother you want to to make sure you do it properly. In all honesty though, I think that most of this pressure and stress actually comes from my own desire to give my children the best party experience possible! [Read more…]