Fun Family Garden Ideas on a Budget

Fun Family Garden Ideas on a Budget e1489161752558 Fun Family Garden Ideas on a BudgetIt’s quite hard to believe that spring is on the way, isn’t it? We’re nearly out of those dark and wet winter months! So, it’s time to stop ignoring your outdoor space and figure out what fun things you can do to make the most of the better weather we have ahead.

The first thing that I would like to mention is that it really doesn’t matter how much outdoor space you have, it could be a small balcony or a few acres, it really doesn’t matter. There are plenty of projects that you can do as a family to create a fun and enjoyable outdoor space. [Read more…]

Is Buying Own Brand Products Always a Smart Way to Save?

Is Buying Own Brand Products Always a Smart Way to Save e1488472186920 Is Buying Own Brand Products Always a Smart Way to Save?I get a lot of pleasure from saving money. It doesn’t matter if it’s saving money on buying clothes for the kids or buying toys when they’re on sale and stashing them away, or even just saving money on our day to day household items, I just love that feeling of satisfaction that I get when I know that I have got what I wanted or needed for less!

One of the best ways to save money is by swapping some of our usual branded products for supermarkets own brand items during our weekly food shop. However, is swapping from brands to own branded items always a smart way to save money, or are there some items where it works out better to spend that bit more for a brand? [Read more…]

How Much Should You Spend On A Special Dress?

How Much Would You Spend On A Special Dress  e1487976017694 How Much Should You Spend On A Special Dress?I don’t think that many people would argue with the fact that sometimes it’s nice to put away the ironing or the Play-doh, put a special dress on and go somewhere fancy. However, even though this is something that most women love to do (even if it is just once or twice a year!), would the thought of rummaging through your boring old wardrobe fill you with dread? And then there’s the prospect of buying a new dress, does it all seem like too much stress and expense to bother with?

If you feel this way then perhaps you should ask yourself the question, how much do I really have to spend to buy that special dress? Do I really need to blow the family’s budget just to get that designer dress that I really want? Or, can a compromise be found, so that I can still feel special whilst sticking to some kind of budget? [Read more…]

What Are the Cheapest Family Pets?

pets What Are the Cheapest Family Pets?We all love our pets, and most of us consider them as part of the family. Whether we have a dog who loves us unconditionally or a cat who cuddles us on its own terms, we think of them as positive additions to the home, often making the home feel more complete. [Read more…]