All the Theories Behind the Pound’s Recent Plunge

sterling fall All the Theories Behind the Pound’s Recent PlungeOn Friday 7th October the British pound sterling suffered its largest drop since June 24th 2016 when the UK voted to leave the EU, as it fell by 6% in just two minutes. At one point it hit its lowest level since 1985 when the mining strike was going on and the pound was valued at $1.0520, though this time its trading price of $1.1819 was a little higher. [Read more…]

Making My First Ever Hamper

Make your own hamper gift Making My First Ever HamperSometimes it can be hard to think of gifts for our loved ones, especially when we can’t afford to spend a fortune. We can feel trapped between going over budget to get something that we think is really special, to buying something that is within budget but just doesn’t feel exciting enough. This was exactly how I was feeling just the other week. We had planned to visit some relatives and with it being their anniversary coming up soon, I thought that I should be organised and give them their gift early.  So, I decided to give them a hamper full of goodies. [Read more…]

Cheap and Cheerful Lunch Box Ideas

Kids lunch box ideas Cheap and Cheerful Lunch Box IdeasDo your children feel a bit bored with their packed lunches? Are you struggling to make them finish their healthy sandwiches before they get stuck into their puddings? If this is the case, why not try some of these cheap and cheerful lunch box ideas that will hopefully keep your kids happy and healthy during school. [Read more…]