Protecting Your Mobile from Malware

Mum taking a picture on her mobile phone Protecting Your Mobile from MalwareAs a mother to two boys, I take lots and lots of pictures of my kids. While I enjoy sharing some of them on social media sites and with my friends and family via apps like WhatsApp, I would also prefer it if these were the only people who saw some of the pictures I share. Because of this, the issue of privacy is something that I do worry about at times.

With this in mind, I’m posting something slightly different today. I recently came across an infographic created by the technology giant Dell, which focused on mobile device management and the growing threat posed by something called ‘Mobile Malware’. As it gave some really good tips on how you protect yourself – and your mobile phone – from this growing threat, I thought I’d share it with you today in the hope that it helps you to protect your personal data and private information too. I know that it has really opened my eyes to the dangers posed.

Mobile malware Protecting Your Mobile from Malware

After viewing the above infographic, I’m sure you’ll agree that the threats posed from mobile hackers are ones which we should all be taking seriously, not only to protect our financial data, but also to protect other private areas of our lives too!

Do you ever worry about the threats posed by mobile malware? 

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