Save Money by Making Your Own Clothes

Making Your Own Clothes Save Money by Making Your Own ClothesI’m sure that I’m not alone in thinking that when you open your wardrobe doors, there is always that same old dress that seems to jump out and shout ‘Wear me, wear me!’

Knowing how good you feel and yet still so comfortable in the dress is a real temptation to reach in and grab it every time, it’s as if it has been made just for you. I sometimes have to restrain myself from wearing it as often as I would like to as it just doesn’t seem fair on the other dresses. icon smile Save Money by Making Your Own Clothes I’m also very aware of being boring by always wearing the same dress, and looking like it is the only item of clothing that I own!

So, is there a way of making sure that I can wear my favourite item of clothing as often as I like without feeling like an old bore?

Well, there is the most obvious option, which is to go back to the shop you bought it from and buy the same dress in every colour and pattern available. That way, you get to enjoy your special dress whilst still having variety in your wardrobe. Now, I said that this is the most obvious option but I didn’t say that it is the most financially friendly one. So is there another way?

Find your perfect sewing pattern

There is actually a much more budget friendly way around this problem, and that is to find a sewing pattern to buy. It could either be of the same style of dress (or any other item of clothing that you would love to live in) or possibly even a better version for you to buy.

My mother-in-law has recently introduced me to a fantastic shop called Merchant and Mills. They are a brilliant company who sell high quality fabrics, tools, accessories, books and patterns. And it is on their website that I found the pattern to a dress that is just like my old favourite dress that’s hung up in my wardrobe. To be honest, I think that it might even be a better cut and fitted dress than the one I already have. And it only cost a mere £13.99.

Another reputable company who I noticed sell sewing patterns online is John Lewis, who have nearly 4000 patterns available on their website from the likes of Butterick, Simplicity, Vogue and others.

Now you might be wondering why I am telling you about my recent purchase of a pattern of my favourite kind of dress. Well, when I was looking at the pattern and at the different options of fabrics that I can use to make it, I realised that I could make a new dress as often as I like using many different fabrics and colours. For instance, in the winter I could choose a fine wool fabric, in any colour that I like. The style of dress that I love is a smock dress. So this would look great with some woolly tights, leather boots and a scarf. In the spring I could go for a spring time colour, in cotton and team it with a light jacket.  When summer arrives, I could use a linen fabric and ditch the jacket (weather dependent of course).  Obviously, I have full creative control with my special dress pattern. So I can do whatever takes my fancy. I can dress it up or down, I can make it as subtle or as bold as I want. I could even go for a silk fabric if I wanted to make a fancy version.

How much will it cost?

The amount of money that each version of the dress that I make will cost is entirely up to me. But I do think that I will view this as a bit of a budget challenge. I want to have that satisfied feeling that I have a selection of beautiful dresses at a fraction of the price that it would have cost me to go out and buy them ready made from a shop.

Of course you can spend a lot of money on fabric if you want to, but if your aim is to make your own clothes to save money then it would be a good idea to search out your local bargain fabric shop. I have one in a nearby town where I can pick up fabric from as little as a £1 a metre, so this will be my first port of call.

Choosing to make your own clothes can open up a whole new world. Like I said before, you can choose to do it on the cheap or you can choose to treat yourself to some expensive fabrics. It is entirely up to you. Just remember that once you have a pattern, you have it for life. You can recreate your clothes over and over again. You can also adapt them as you go depending on how confident you are.

So why not give it a go? Find a pattern that you love and enjoy creating your own one-off pieces that everyone will love!

Do you have a favourite item of clothing? If you do, would you be tempted to make your own clothes?

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