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welcome sign Welcome to Bunny on a Budget!Hey everyone, my names Abi and this is my first ever post…argh! So please bear with me icon smile Welcome to Bunny on a Budget!

I have been married for just over 7 years and we have 2 energetic boys aged 5 and 3. Our little family has also just grown recently by getting 2 lovely bunnies for our boys.

Now we are by no means flush with cash and I never have money burning a hole in my pocket so what I do spend money on for my family I like to make sure that I’m getting the best that I can afford/or is needed at the time.

This doesn’t just stop at my kids either. Our rabbits are an important part of the family now and I’m forever researching about how to give them the best healthy and happy life that I can afford. This has actually come as a big shock for me because I honestly thought that rabbits would be the easiest pet to look after, we had rabbits when I was growing up but I don’t remember doing anything for them other than clean them out – yet another job I’ve come to realise that my mum did which I was oblivious to! Now though I feel a great responsibility towards our lovely ladies ‘B’ and Hop (named by the boys).

The reason that I’ve started this blog is because I know how hard it is to raise a family on a budget but most importantly to be satisfied with how you’re doing it!

So I thought that this could be a good way to help other parents on the same journey of raising a family and everything that comes along with it.

Since we started our family 5 years ago our spending habits have had a drastic change. It was the start to the never ending list of important and needed items, and then there’s always that niggling list of everything else that you want for your children, not necessarily a necessity but the strong desire of a mother to give everything in her power can quite easily add it onto the needed list icon smile Welcome to Bunny on a Budget! much to my husband’s dismay.

Because I do seem to be constantly buying something either for our children or our pets, I come across some things that are great value for money and that I feel very satisfied with and then there are the times when I seriously regret buying something and wish that someone had been there to warn me against it. So I want to share what I find with other parents out there, hopefully helping people who are trying to do a bit of research on family items that we can’t afford to make any mistakes on and maybe point out a few tips that could save you money. I read a lot reviews myself and view them as a key way to shop smart, so I hope that you can find mine useful too.

Plus I will keep you posted with any updates and interesting information on our little ladies (the bunnies).

If you’d like to say hello then please feel free to leave a comment icon smile Welcome to Bunny on a Budget!

Thanks for reading,

Abi x

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