Would You Buy a Large Appliance from Amazon?

Buying Appliances Online Would You Buy a Large Appliance from Amazon?This may seem like a funny thing to ask, but would you feel comfortable buying a large appliance such as a washing machine or fridge-freezer from Amazon?

In my last post, I talked about a new washing machine that I’d seen on an advert and whether I would consider busting my budget to get it. While researching the cost of the machine, I checked out the price on Amazon as well as some other big retailers like John Lewis and Argos. While researching the price it hit me that I think I would actually feel a little uneasy about ordering my next washing machine from Amazon. I’m not exactly sure why, but there is something about buying my expensive white goods from them that doesn’t sit right.

Now, I am not in anyway way saying that I don’t like buying things from Amazon. In fact, I’m an Amazon Prime member with an Amazon Fire TV stick, both mine and my husband’s Kindles are from Amazon and we usually head straight to the Amazon website whenever there is something that we are needing to buy. So what is it about the bigger appliances that makes me change my usual shopping habits?

Do they need a store? 

When I was thinking about shopping for the next large appliance that I may need, my instant reaction was to have a look at Argos or John Lewis to see what they have to offer. But why? Like I said earlier, my usual first port of call when shopping online is to head straight to Amazon, so why the change? Could it be as simple as the fact that they don’t have a store with staff that I can see and speak to easily without having to go to a third party that attracts me? I think that when we shop at Argos, we are pretty certain that we know how the process works, especially if something goes wrong. So, could it be the uncertainty of how the process will work if we need support with our appliance if the item was sold to us via a third party on the Amazon website that stops me buying these goods from them? I am really not sure, but I do find it quite puzzling. Would it make a difference if they did have a store in my area like Argos that I can go to? Would that make me feel more secure about my purchase? Maybe that is all I need to be happy to buy these kinds of items from Amazon.

What would make me happy? 

Thinking about it, though, I don’t think that my concerns are just about them being an online company. For instance, there is a company called ao.com that specializes in selling large appliances online and they are doing pretty well. They don’t have a physical store that you can visit to get the help you want face to face but to my surprise, I think would still happily buy a large appliance from them. Maybe it is the fact that ao.com specialise in selling appliances that sets my mind at rest. These items are so expensive and can sometimes be a real pain to get set up and working right, that to know that you are buying your item from a company that knows all there is to know about the goods they are selling and that they also take real pride in their customer service makes you feel comfortable with it, even if you are buying online and can’t necessarily speak to a member of staff face to face.

Maybe my concerns about buying white goods from Amazon will pass with time, but for now I can’t deny the fact that they are there and that for now, at least, I would prefer to buy my large appliances from a company that I feel would have the expertise to deal with any problems that I may face.

Have you ever bought a large appliance from Amazon? If so, what was your experience? 

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