6 Cheap Items to Make a House a Home

homesweethome 6 Cheap Items to Make a House a HomeAs a Wife and Mum one of the things that I enjoy doing most is creating a comfortable and homely atmosphere in our house for my family, and I know that I’m not alone in this. This hobby can, however, create a bit of a problem and that is keeping our spending down whilst trying to create the beautiful home that we can picture so clearly. [Read more…]

Economic Benefits of Olympic Games

Rio olympics economic benefits Economic Benefits of Olympic GamesEvery couple of years the Olympic games take the world by storm. You will probably have noticed just how expensive it can be to host the Olympics, with experts predicting that the cost of the Rio Olympics could run up to $20 billion. So, why are countries willing to spend so much money to host this major event? Well, luckily, it offers many economic benefits, as well as social and cultural advantages. [Read more…]

Saltrock Surfwear Review

Saltrock Badge Saltrock Surfwear ReviewThe first time I visited Croyde Bay in North Devon, I came across a shop called ‘Saltrock’. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I just had to go inside and see what it was all about. Well, I wasn’t dissapointed. [Read more…]

How to Shop for Winter on the Cheap

Winter Sale 300x158 How to Shop for Winter on the CheapWinter can be quite an expensive time of year when it comes to kitting you and your family out. The cost of winter coats, boots and layers upon layers of cosy clothes can all add up. When Comparing winter items with your summer wardrobe of t-shirts, shorts and sandals, you can also really see the difference in cost.

So, how can we kit ourselves and our family out for this expensive season without it costing the earth?  [Read more…]

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Food Last Longer

freshfood e1467390704387 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Food Last LongerAs a mum and a wife, shopping for food is one of the most important jobs that I do. Not only is it because I want to prepare healthy meals for my family, but where we choose to shop and what we choose to buy can have a massive effect on our family’s finances. So, bearing all that in mind, how can we make the food that we buy last longer? After all, cutting down on waste is a great way to save money.  [Read more…]