Spring is here, time for a spring clean!

spring cleaning Spring is here, time for a spring clean!We have all heard the saying ‘clean house, clean mind’, but is it true? Do we really need to have a clean and tidy home to have an organised mind?

It’s true to say that we all vary in what we view as clean and organised and also in how we can cope with different surroundings. Some people may prefer to have some sort of clutter to feel relaxed, while others may not be able to sit down for the night until the house is in order.

Personally I fall into the latter bracket. I like things to be organised and when things aren’t in order it plays with my mind. I sometimes wish that I wasn’t like this, especially because I have 2 boys and we all know that keeping a clean and tidy home with kids is almost impossible! But for me it’s definitely worth a try.

Seasonal cleaning

Finally the lethargic winter season is over and it is now the season for spring cleaning. But what is it about spring that makes us want to gut our home from top to bottom?

Is it because the sun has started to light up the house again and we can now see all the odd little things that have been neglected over winter? Or could it just simply be that we actually feel like we have the energy to do the deep cleaning now?

Battling the horrendous winter weather on a daily basis for what feels like forever can really take it out of you. I know that I sound like a real wimp right now but I promise you I’m not, I actually like winter. For me personally though, the only way to enjoy winter is to wrap up warm, treat every day like an adventure (this is my trick to get the boys to enjoy the torrential weather, we play that we are explorers battling the elements on our way to school) and to keep on top of the house. After all, we do spend more time inside during winter than at any other time of the year, so I like it to be a clean and cosy place to hide away and then finally to relax, even if the deep cleaning is saved for springtime!

Let the cleaning begin!

So spring has arrived, and the cleaning gloves are on. But where do you start?

The first thing on my list is to head out to the shops to get a few supplies:

  • Rubber gloves for all the dirty work
  • Cloths
  • Cheap toothbrushes for getting stuck into the awkward places
  • Vacuum Storage bags

For me the first port of call is the boy’s bedroom. I actually do a full clean every couple of weeks in their bedroom, purely because I can’t stand the thought of them breathing in a load of dust from under their beds, eww! But it’s now the time to go through all of their toys – with a bag to hand – to sort out all of those toys that are in a good enough condition to take to the local charity shop. The big question is should I do this with them, or should I do it when they are at school and nursery? Hmmm.

This week I’ve also been attacking the kitchen but if I start talking about this now then we may be here all day, so I’ll save that for another time. icon smile Spring is here, time for a spring clean!

How about you? Is there something special about spring that makes you just want to clean?

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